How to Purchase?

We are using offline authorization method to license our customers. You need to buy authorization files before you begin to use the program formally. Since one Authorization File can only run in one computer, Mostly we can offer you Five Authorization Files for one purchase.

Purchasing steps are as follows:

Step 1.

Obtain your computer’s Machine Codes, which can be found when the program run without license. Mostly you can offer us Five Machine Codes for one Purchase.

Step 2.

Make the payment with your Machine Code remarked.

Step 3.

We will generate the authorization files once we receive the payment and Machine Codes. And they will be sent to you via e-mail afterwards.

Please Click the "Buy Now" button below:

Software Lifetime Price PayPal,Visa,Master
Mt4ToIB Trade Copier Yearly USD 90.0
Mt4ToIB Trade Copier Half-yearly USD 50.0