Installation and Configuration

1. Installation
It’s simple. Just put the file “Mt4ToIBCopierEn.ex4″ into the folder “[MT4 Data Folder]\MQL4\Experts”. And if you have got the authorization file, put it into the folder “[MT4 Data Folder]\MQL4\Files”.

Where is [MT4 Data Folder] ?  MT4 Menu -> File -> Open Data Folder

2. MT4 Configuration

Since we used windows system socket functions to access IB API, you should enable DLLs imports of MT4.  Please Click Tools->Options->Expert Advisors,  Tick the box “Allow DLL imports”.

3. IB TWS Configuration

API should be enable in TWS or IBGateway. Open “Global Configuration” in file menu, find “API” -> “Setting”, Tick “Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients” and untick “Read-Only API”.

Optionally, we sugguest you add “″  to “Trusted IPs” box, tha can avoid manually confirmation very time when connected via API.
ib tws api configuration


4. Run

Drag Mt4ToIBCopier.ex4 to any MT4 charts, modify paramters you needed(Instruction of Input Parameters). If you do not know meaning, you’d better leave unchanged. Then Click “OK” and it will start to run.


If you do not get the Authorization File yet, it will show the Machine Code of your computer on the chart. You can contact Customer Service to get a 14-day trial Authorization File with your machine code.

If it is authorized correctly, account info(Fund/Position/Orders) of IB Account will be loaded to screen.

For the copying symbols setup, please refer to Copying Symbols Setup